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ONLINE TUTORING - One-on-one / Group / Conversational lessons

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ENRICHEMENT ACTIVITIES - Book club / Virtual Tour lessons live from Lisbon

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I'm Sandra Carapinha, the founder of Learn European Portuguese Online.

A Portuguese American, bilingual in English and Portuguese that has lived on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. I have a BA in Advertising and Marketing from the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social in Lisbon and worked for several years as an Account Executive at various American and Portuguese Advertising Agencies based in Lisbon.

In 2011, I moved to the US with my family and started tutoring Portuguese. It has become a great passion. Teaching a language and sharing your culture with a diverse international group of students is such a rewarding experience.

During 2021, I decided to grow my team and hire the best teachers in Portugal to join me in offering high-quality, personalized one-on-one online lessons. I truly believe that the secret to language learning is consistency and motivation and that the best way to master a language is with a well planned learning routine and a strong teacher/student bond. Learning online gives you the flexibility to stay committed, while one-on-one lessons give you the power to learn faster and focus on what you want to learn. 

I believe each student's needs are unique, therefore, we develop a specific lesson plan based on his or her specific goals. We try to make the lessons as fun and engaging as possible, to keep students motivated and committed. Whatever reason you have to learn Portuguese, we will tailor a lesson plan and teach at your own pace in order to help you achieve your Portuguese language goals.

When I started teaching, one of the most challenging things I faced was the lack of European Portuguese content. So I decided to create my own content platform, focused on high-quality content with a strong creative appeal. Learning a language should be fun and engaging. After working several years in the advertising and branding industry I like to use my knowledge in that field and apply it to teaching a language.


Online Learning


Enjoy a lesson plan based exclusively on your needs and taught at your pace. We have teachers in Portugal and in the US, so we have various time zones covered.


We offer 2 / 3 student group options. Because quality is our focus we prefer to keep groups small to guarantee premium learning. We don't currently create groups, but if you are a couple or have a family group, feel free to reach out. It's a great way to learn!

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In these lessons it's all about the talking. No grammar. We will talk about fun topics while you will make new friends. Available for 2 / 3 students per lesson or one-on-one. For one-on-one lessons, these can be thirty minutes or one hour.

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Be part of our "Clube de Leitura" and read a Portuguese author's book with us! We have two options: independent study (study at your pace) and guided study (includes a Zoom call to discuss the book in Portuguese).
We currently have 5 books available for self-study:
- O Rapaz e o Robô de Luisa Ducla Soares
- A Menina do Mar de Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
- O Paraíso são os Outros de Valter Hugo Mãe
- Uma Viagem ao Tempo dos Castelos de Ana Maria Magalhães e Isabel Alçada
- O Conto da Ilha Desconhecida de José Saramago

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LEPO has the pleasure of partnering with "Lisbon with Pats" and offer via Zoom, live virtual tours of Lisbon while practicing the language, learning about the Portuguese culture, food, history and so much more. We had our first edition in February of 2022 and it was amazing!

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If you are interested in learning Portuguese, you have probably noticed that there are a lot of options to learn Brazilian Portuguese. However, the resources to learn European Portuguese as spoken in Portugal, are very limited.
The differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese are quite significant. Not only in pronunciation, but also regarding grammar and vocabulary.       
So if you are planning on going to Portugal, for leisure or business and want to learn the language, you should definitely try to learn European Portuguese.



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We have over 180 videos that you can watch for free. These include practical lessons, tips to improve your learning, listening exercises, Portuguese culture and so much more! Our videos are always translated to help you learn faster.



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I have been studying Portuguese with Sandra for just over a year now and the experience has been absolutely wonderful! The lessons are always fun and enjoyable, I look forward to every one! She incorporates all the fundamentals into every lesson, from reading, speaking, pronunciation and grammar all the while keeping me engaged. I had difficulty finding a European Portuguese instructor and I am so happy I found Sandra! I had a wonderful trip to Portugal made even better by being able to speak to people in their own language. I am looking forward to working with Sandra over the next few years and continue my journey in learning Portuguese!

David Fishbaugher, Iowa