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Sandra in Portugal


I'm Sandra Carapinha, a Portuguese American, bilingual in English and Portuguese. I have lived my whole life between Portugal and the United States, and I believe that my deep knowledge of both countries gives me the tools to teach and share the Portuguese language and culture in a very unique way.


I haven’t always been a teacher. I studied Advertising and Marketing at Escola Superior de Comunicação Social in Lisbon and worked for many years in the Branding / Advertising field in Lisbon.

In 2011, I moved to the US and decided to start a new career. I started tutoring Portuguese as a part-time job in Los Angeles. As I was growing and gaining more and more clients, I faced a huge problem: the lack of European Portuguese content for students. That’s why I launched in September of 2018, my YouTube channel, Learn European Portuguese Online. Teaching Portuguese and sharing my roots has become my great passion, both through my classes and my videos. I am honored to have over 22K subscribers on YouTube.

In 2021, I decided to start my LEPO team and hire the best teachers in Portugal to join me in offering high-quality online lessons. LEPO has evolved and grown in such an organic way. We have over 100 students monthly, from all over the world, with different ages and backgrounds. I make sure to meet and email every single one. We are a family.


At the moment, I am fully booked with students.
If you wish to join my waiting list or work with one of the LEPO Team teachers, please fill out our contact form or email me directly at

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